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Gay Pornstar Colby London

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A Soothing Sex Session!

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Josh takes things a little too far when he's showing off his dance moves for his sexy friend Colby. With a groin strain taking him to the hospital it's a wonder he has the desire to share his knob with his cute buddy, but when Colby agrees to make him feel better with a blow job he finds the stamina to not only feed the boy his big cock but fuck his tight little hole too!

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Lollipop Lover Gets A Bare Cock

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Colby is such a little cutie, the lollipop only makes him seem more innocent. Don't be too easily fooled though, this little guy loves joystick! Jayden soon confirms this when the two start swapping spit and groping for those hard young erections. Once revealed the feast of cock slurping begins, with both boys obviously skilled in appreciating a hard young boner. Dick sucking is only the start of the fun, when Jayden aims his naked length at that tight little pucker young Colby is soon on it and being stuffed with raw inches of delicious shaft! The cute little twink gets it good all over the bed before the two jerk out masses of hot young cream over his naked body.

December 7, 2018 colbylondon Random Stuff 0

What’s So Sexy About Lollipops?

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Colby London has a lollipop fetish and he's not afraid to share it with his BFF Alex Todd. Alex doesn't quite get it and needs a more detailed explanation. It's all about the licking and sucking, duh! Colby makes Alex prove his worth as a friend after being so downright stupid. Alex does a good job of it!

March 14, 2011 colbylondon Random Stuff 0

Skinny Twink Talks Work

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Colby London is like a super twink - he's totally tiny and absolutely adorable. We wrapped up a Lollipop Twinks shoot with him and he was eager to talk to us. He told us his favorite part of the whole experience and talked a bit about his life as well. What a cutie pie this guy is. It's hard to take your eyes off of him.

March 13, 2011 colbylondon Random Stuff 0

Rainy Days & Close Encounters

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When bored teen twinks get together, they play spin the bottle and get it on. Don't you love when that happens? The two kiss once and then never stop. Where did the bottle go? Well, who cares! They end up getting really far with each other... Further than ever before! Jae Landen and Colby London won't ever forget this experience.

February 12, 2011 colbylondon Random Stuff 0

The Dangers Of Busting A Move

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Well, this is what we call a smooth guy. Josh Bensan pulls a muscle dancing and ends up convincing Colby London to blow him. He won't do it in the hospital but when the two get home, it's really on. Kissing leads to sucking leads to fucking. Isn't that how it always goes? Josh even eats Colby's ass while Colby sucks on a lollipop.

January 23, 2011 colbylondon Random Stuff 0

Sweet Colby London Interviewing

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Colby London is sitting in bed giving an interview after having filmed a fuck scene. He answers silly questions like what kind of cookie he'd be and more arousing stories like the sexual fantasy he'd want to have more than any other (that one was a gangbang with muscular dude). He also shares that he likes to dominate a little bit when he gets a chance. Would you let him dominate you? He loves a long and thick joystick to get really turned on, which is awesome.

August 25, 2010 colbylondon Random Stuff 0

Twinks Clean Each Other

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The cute lads Alex Todd and Colby London were told by their teacher to make the classroom spotless. They're annoyed but they do the job anyway because they don't want to get in trouble. While working they find that they're attracted to each other, which you can understand. Of course that unleashes the powerful nature of their desire and so you get to see them sucking and fucking right there in the classroom. That's just making it messy!

June 20, 2010 colbylondon Random Stuff 0

Lollipop Boys Love Hard Cock Too

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The hardcore scene between Colby London and Skyelr Bleu starts with them sucking on a lollipop and resting in bed. The sugary treat is big and colorful and all that licking and sucking turns them on to the point that a good hardcore fuck is inevitable. Colby is quite the cocksucker and his dick sucking skills are very much appreciated by Skyelr, a top twink that loves to fuck a tight ass. The BJ gets him to that place and the anal fucking isn't far behind. The doggy style is particularly hot since much of it is filmed from behind with a perfect view of the anal entrance.

June 17, 2010 colbylondon Random Stuff 0

Cutest Twink Ever Bottoms for a Hot Cock

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Sweet twink Colby London is sucking a lollipop and talking in the bedroom with Jayden Ellis. They're both totally hot and they're going to fool around and eventually share a passionate hardcore bareback fuck. It starts with delicious kissing and they're both lost in the passion of the scene. The way their tongues dance and the way their bodies move you can tell they're really into it and hoping to get each other off. Of course the action includes bareback anal sex and Colby loves taking it in any position he can get it. They all look awesome, especially the naughty bareback. When the hot twinks are ready to finish they masturbate together and two loads spill on the sexy tummy of Colby.

May 28, 2010 colbylondon Random Stuff 0

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